this is the last page that I am working on for my website. It took me a while to get to this.  I was just listening to one of the few radio interviews left from Forough Farrokhzad. In response to question about her bio she says: "talking about bios is quite an in vain and boring matter. What does a bio mean? It's natural that each human being has a date of birth, comes from a city or a village, has studied in a school and some more mundane, conventional stuff that eventually happens for everyone, like falling in the pool when you are a kid, or the cheating during exams at school, falling in love when you are young, getting married and things like that. But if the reason to tell this bio is listing the career-related achievements, which for me is poetry,  I would have to say, for me, it's still not time to talk about that, because I just have recently seriously started poetry."


I think that suffices for me too. Apart from my life being scattered around Tehran and Brooklyn, I can say that I am an explorer of stories and poems in words and images. My schools have been Tehran University of the Arts for theatre directing and New York University, Tisch school of the arts for author filmmaking. That down for my ego. Otherwise. I am always looking. And living the gaze capturing it. Then revisiting those gazes asking questions. Then again answering those questions by looking again. And then another circle and another circle. That is what I love about art. This constant and tentative exploration of the path that reflects your looking for yourself. I know this much thus far. 


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