I’m an artist. Sometimes of words and sometimes of images and by times of both. My Films, writings, videos, drawings and all the other mediums I’m working on including music, normally contain a followable and interesting storyline and while aware of technicalities of storytelling, I tend to pour my heart into them. I care about my reader/ audience. My language is of my own and untamable.

Other side of my life is teaching. I have been an educator in Tehran and NYC schools for English and Film. I’m currently an adjunct professor in both film and creative writing in New York City.

I grew up in Tehran, received my BFA in Dramatic arts (Directing), then I pursued my MFA in Film and TV production at NYU and a MFA in Creative Writing in CUNY’s Queens College. I’ve also won a bunch of prizes and festivals and scholarships and grants from those who thought I’d benefit from it. Keep them coming.

For resume/ cv please contact me via contact page.