Brain explosion

There was a time, a few years ago, when I felt I am thinking so much that my brain is about to explode. That is when I decided this project might help me get some steam out. 


Brain no.1 - My brain in Tehran

Brain no.2 - My brain in New York

Brain no.3 - My brain after a good conversation

Brain no.4 - Wednesday 5pm, Union sq, waiting on a Brooklyn-bound train

Brain no.5 - After break up, Spring 2013

Brain no. 6 - starting around the third hour of any given flight/ride departing/arriving at/from any known/unknown spot.

Brain no.7 - Having enough money to finish my movie project

Brain no.8 - three weeks ago 

Brain no.9 - Brain being judgemental

Brain no.9 - Brain being judgemental