Where do you wanna go, he whispered in her ear, weight on top of her, smell of sweat, wet bodies, her fingers, both hands, pinned down to the bed with his hands, under his hands. He licked her neck from shoulder to ear, close to her ear, he, again goes I said where do you wanna go? She is moaning, he rolls inside her body, she murmurs something, what? he distances himself from her body, chests unglued, Neverland she says staring at the ceiling, he adjusts her chin, eyes meet to make a straight line from one eye to the other, vertical. No one knew but that line would find its way to the center of the earth. Where it's hot. Really hot. And dense. So dense it's not a place. It's a spot. They burst in laugher. Room is filled with laughter. Liquid laughter. They did not know but a couple of cockroaches hanging out in the corner of the room halted their rambling for a beat and listened to them. They thought they were drowning. They decided they were drowning. I'll take us he said, you'll take us? I think I can handle walking on my own. No, I, will, take, us, and he pushed harder, she almost screamed, he went on, she couldn't breathe. I love it she said, I'll take you, he said and they both screamed reaching orgasm. How long did it take? By the time they were back on the surface cockroaches had left the building.