So we both died. Slipping down the tunnel of i don't know where I don't know why I don't know how where is this. We did not hold one another's hands, we were going same direction, we did not need to hold hands, we did not have any hands, the knowing of it all was so arbitrary that I did not even question loss. We were headed towards whatever it was:  immaterial dark matter something unnamable unknown unfamiliar possibly gas liquid or solid shit or nothing that we were drowning in. We questioned one another's patience, motives, navigation but we still went down whatever that thing was. Disgusted by one another by times, in love by times, bored or entertained or just indifferent it just took different shapes. Only trouble was that after we died we could only question each other, we couldn't change, we wouldn't progress we wouldn't have time. That ship had sailed. There was no escalation. Stagnation ruled. Things were what they were and what they'll always be. We were bound together in that immortality of whatever the heck it was.