She had a golden cat with grey eyes. The cat was an attention whore. She gave her it. The cat returned the favor massaging her slowly walking on her back every morning. Years went by. One day like any other day the cat was sitting at the window observing the room in serenity, with the tail waving and curling against the street tree. She saw her. Something about the grey of her eyes that day. She sat on the sofa. Looked straight in those pupils. And her in her pupils. Time stopped. Eternity mirror. They both had grey eyes. Heavy heads. Time then moved. She prepared coffee. Holding the cup she opened the window. Sat there staring at the tree. The cat still at the window licked her pussy.. Turned her back and stared at the tree for a while..Then first paw. Second paw. Third paw. Fourth paw.. Cat walked out. She took a sip. Second sip. Third sip. Fourth sip. Breathe.. She then slowly walked towards the window and closed it was the sound heard the cat climbing down the fire-escape. She sat down again facing the tree. Sip by sip. Everything looked like it should be.