He got in

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So he got in. I had my back to the door facing the stove making tea, when I heard him step in, I expected a few things to fall and break since I’d heard but the sound was only that of a huge mop being pulled on the floor, nothing broke, but I kept busy and did not turn back until he settled and I heard the door close, then I turned towards him, I said hi and I looked at him and I could not help uttering: those things are huge! He looked at his wings and he indifferently nodded yeah… you think so?, as if looking at them for the first time. Then I turned back again, poured two cups of tea and sat by the table right in front of him facing the door. Those wings were black at the edges and they gradually reached to white on his shoulders, how come he still had his hands, he picked up the tea, I should ask how he is doing, how are you doing he said it’s alright I said did you shut the rooftop’s door he said yeah. I all of a sudden started laughing. I kept on shivering laughing he kept on watching smiling sipping on tea letting hysteria travel across the room reaching windows.