In your Dreams or who is the witch

“In your dreams” said the little boy running across the living room. Little girl did not give up, she did not scream, she just followed him across the living room. He jumped on the sofa and made his way up to the corner of the window. Now he was standing on the windowsill. He pushed the sofa violently to the center of the room, there was no way she could reach him. He stretched his hand out the window, moved the wand in circles a few times in the air. “It’s mine” he yelled, she looked at him “what are you going to do do with it?”, “throw it out” he replied. Then it’s neither mine, nor yours. It’s mine! He yelled again. You know it’s not yours, she responded calmly. Abracadabra! He yelled again waving the wand in the air. It’s not gonna work, she sighed indifferently. Abracadabra! I want a black cat! Abracadabra! That’s stupid she calmly expressed her feelings crossing her arms. Do you see a black cat here? No, he said, In the back yard? He looked out, No he responded sadly. You see? It’s not about the wand, then what is it about he inquired eagerly. It’s about me! But why? Because I am a witch and that is my wand, but you’re not. He yelled Abracadabra loudly a few times as if he did not want to hear her, but there was no sign of any black cat anywhere. You’re a liar, you’re a liar he cried abruptly tears running down his face. She slowly pushed the sofa towards the windowsill. I am going to throw it in the backyard he threatened. Do you really need a black cat that bad? Yes he screamed tears rolling down, Then climb down and give me the wand. He stood there for a beat. Looked out. No black cat. He slid on the sofa. Do you promise to give me a black cat? Yes she said firmly. He handed her the wand. She climbed up the sofa, up the windowsill, closed her eyes and skillfully circled the wand three times in the air, ending up like an arrow towards the tree. A gray-eyed golden cat appeared on the tree behind the window.