Something was not right

Something was not right, she stopped dancing and took a chair. She sat down, took out her high hills and looked at her toes. Music was still playing and other couples were carrying on with that exquisite tango song, she had excused herself telling the partner she has to take a break, the guy was already dancing with another partner, did she know him she thought, but her toes were calling for attention, there was a glittery feeling climbing up her toes and now she could feel it almost in her ankles. She couldn’t even explain the feeling, she looked at the guy again who, while dancing was time to time laying worried gazes at her. It was a light glittery feeling as if all the particles of her existence were staring to pulsate, now it was up in her knees, she looked at him again she knew him, it was impossible, that velvety gaze the soft skin of his hands. Up in her waist. Even his smell was familiar. It’s been a while she thought. It’s been a while and glitters were up in her breast. Only problem was that she could not move, she could not move she thought, song was over, he was walking towards her, I can’t dance she thought, she looked at her toes, she looked at the glittery disco lights above. lightest tango she will dance to in a while, she thought.