Blanche the owl

It's 2am
Excuse me sir, is 6th ave this way?
Excuse me ma'am , there's a bird on your head!
Thank you!
And I move

That's Roma Pizza
I can't stop by
My owl
On my head
Already had
Two slices
One Hawaian
One Ricotta with tomatoes
You're laughing
While saying: "You need any help with moving?"
My owl is called Blanche
My owl doesn't laugh at all
"Do you need any help with moving to Liverpool?"
My owl says
Just like me
Loud and clear

She takes the D,N,R
To Brooklyn
Just like me
Now she's moving to Chelsea
From Brooklyn to Chelsea
Then to Liverpool
Like you say

She's moving
One never stops in New York
Be it a an owl
Or an Iranian
Blanche does not know where Iran is
But you know
I look at you
You laugh
We both laugh
It' funny
We both know
What it means
being from Iran
In New York
Like teardrops
After you laugh so hard

You repeat
Trying to be a gentleman
"Do you need any help with moving to Liverpool?"
I laugh
Teardrops to follow
The owl whistles
Blanche laughs
And we laugh
Three of us
It's New York
Cause you laugh
It's New York
Cause I've got a bird on my head
Who laughs

And I take the D train
To Brooklyn
On my own
It's 3am
It's 4am
No one laughs in Sunset Park
My head is freezing
Excuse me ma'am you've got no bird on your head!
Excuse me sir,Blanche has flown to Liverpool
My head is freezing
And I move...